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arms-up-view Last week, one of my best friends from home, Sofie, came back to town for the long weekend. We thought we would just hang out for the day, but it turned out that her car needed some miles put on it for an inspection. When her dad told us we had to find a way to put about 100 miles on her car in one day, we immediately took up the opportunity for a mini road trip. We decided to drive to Bash Bish Falls, on the border of NY and MA. We went there over the summer and absolutely loved it, and we knew it would be even more beautiful in the fall. mountain-viewtrees-over-mountainpathway-with-yellow-trees
The drive itself was absolutely gorgeous, as the leaves on the trees were at a perfect point where there’s just a rainbow of color all across the mountains. According to our road trip tradition, we blasted strictly T-Swift and sang every lyric at the top of our lungs. It reminded me of all the amazing adventures we had over the summer, and it was really nice to be back with my friend that I hadn’t seen for a couple of months, especially for a mid-semester escape from college life.
Once we got there, there’s a really gorgeous overlook of Mt. Washington, which requires a slightly treacherous climb straight up some rocks, but the view is worth it. Ever since this summer, I have a newfound love for mountain views, and this one is no exception.
Once we made it to the waterfall, I honestly teared up a little bit. I loved going here over the summer, but I wasn’t prepared for how breathtaking it would look in fall. Immediately, I realized that I have barely ever been so happy, with my best friend on a day off from school, driving through the mountains to one of the most beautiful little places I had ever been. I told Sofie while we were there, that this is my favorite place on Earth. I realize that there are plenty of places and views all around the world that are more astonishing and more beautiful than here, but to me, it’s all about the context. The couple of times I had been to Bash Bish Falls, I was so happy and content with my life in all aspects. Any problems I was having at the time were just set aside once I got there, like it’s truly a little slice of heaven on Earth. For that reason, this little waterfall represents my favorite place, both physically, in time and space, and emotionally. (Side note to my future husband, if you ever read this: I would like to be proposed to here, in fall of course).
sitting-by-waterfalldownstreamThese pictures were taken on my low-quality phone camera, which don’t do it any kind of justice, but you can kind of get an idea of how amazing it is. I’ve actually been really stressed out the past couple of days, because the phone I used to take all of the pictures decided to completely stop working, and I thought all of my photos were gone. Everything I had taken pictures of this summer, all of my Snapchats, texts, everything, just disappeared like that. I was really upset because I had such a great summer, and I felt like without that evidence my memories just weren’t real anymore. Luckily, I recovered a lot of the photos that I had, including the ones from this day that I’m posting (I did lose a lot though too), but I also realized in the process that photos aren’t everything. My “favorite places”, all of those amazing memories I have made, will always be with me. I always say that photos don’t do them justice anyways– you can never truly capture a feeling. All of my favorite memories, people, places, and things have ultimately changed me and molded who I am as a person. Even if I don’t have physical evidence of them anymore, or if I can’t remember them that well, they’re still with me.


I hope you guys liked this post, as it was a little more life/writing based than on fashion like usual! Let me know if you liked this kind of post and would like to see more of it.



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