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Hi everyone! FINALLY I am going to be back doing regular blog posts again!!! For today’s post, I’ll be going back in time a couple of weeks to a rainy day I spent with my friend Erin at the Tang Museum in Saratoga. I have a lot of photos I took over winter break that will be perfect for many upcoming blog posts, so it’s just a matter of organizing, editing, and compiling them into the posts. Now that I am back at school, I feel a lot more inspired to get working on my blog. Which doesn’t seem to make much sense because now I have other homework assignments to do on top of it, but time crunches work for me so I’m just gonna go with it.

I’m super excited because these are really the first photos from my brand new camera (Canon Rebel T6) that I will be posting on my blog. Mind you, these are not amazing because I still have a lot to learn about photography and editing. I am currently taking a Digital Photography class so I will be learning a lot more about photography from that class and also just from practice, so I think it will be cool to see how my photos/blog posts improve over time.

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If you live in the Albany/Saratoga area, I highly recommend checking out The Tang. It’s a pretty small museum located at Skidmore College, but it’s always a fun quick trip for a cold rainy day (plus it’s free). Erin and I really wanted to check out this new exhibit, which features this really awesome chalkboard-wall piece called Drawing Memory by artist Victor Ekpuk. A bunch of the walls inside the exhibit were painted with black chalkboard paint, and then the artist drew all these complex designs all along them in chalk.

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This exhibit is called Sixfold Symmetry: Pattern in Art and Science, so all of the pieces are inspired by scientific, mathematic, and technological principals. With my own background in studying Biochemistry (and just my overall fascination with science), I found this exhibit to be extremely interesting because I personally also like to integrate scientific ideas and principals into my own creative writing and art. Seeing these connections throughout all of these pieces made the experience of the exhibit really intriguing, and I think a lot of people would enjoy the exhibit whether they are more artistically or scientifically minded, because it’s a good mix of both.

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(this one was my favorite, I love how the light play worked with the mirrors/metallic surface and how new designs are made from the reflections and shadows of the piece. so cool)

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I think my favorite part about the exhibit is kind of the “perfection” of it. If you’re the type of perfectionist who likes to always have things symmetrically organized into patterns, measured out perfectly, and balanced, then I imagine you would appreciate this type of art. A lot of people probably look at patterns in art and think of them as basic or boring, but there is a lot more that goes into a pattern or perfectly symmetrical design than you would probably think. The complexity yet perfection of such designs and art pieces is very intriguing to me. I find it to be extremely calming and satisfying to look at this type of art, and psychologically it’s kind of nice to have a sense of order inside this isolated space among a world of chaos.

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Also, if you do go check out The Tang, I highly recommend going in the elevator (sorry I don’t have any good pictures of it). The building is only 2 stories high so it may seem really unnecessary, but there’s funky music and bean bags in there so you might even end up going up and down a couple extra times just for fun like we did.

Also s/o to Erin for the fun day and also for taking some of these fabulous photos for me… you know we really worked the aesthetic. If anyone is curious what I am wearing:

black turtleneck: idk
(fake) leather jacket: Forever 21
grey bodycon tank dress: Forever 21
fishnets: Forever 21
over the knee socks: Forever 21
shoes: Payless
(wow I honestly didn’t mean to wear that much Forever 21, # not sponsored but like if you wanna sponsor me I’d be down)

Song of the day: Verona by Geographer
I decided I want to add in a “song of the day” that I think is appropriate to go along with the blog post for whatever reason, because I love music and integrating it into all parts of my life, and also being able to share my favorite music with others. For today’s post I thought of this song mostly because the album cover is all geometric and symmetrical looking so it made me think of the art at The Tang, and the sound just kind of reminds me of technological, science-y kind of things. And it’s also just one of my faves.

I can’t wait to get some more blog posts up very soon! I will probably keep working on them today before I start really getting bombarded with the school work. I hope everyone else who is going back to school this week has a great syllabus week too!



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