rompers? for winter? groundbreaking.

ppetmpdupHi everyone! I’m really excited to finally be getting back into posting fashion on my blog. For today, I just decided to do a short and sweet OOTD post. Coming up soon, I’d love to try to put together a lookbook to share even more fashion inspiration and ideas with you all!ppetmpdupProbably a lot of people think I’m crazy for wearing a romper in freezing cold upstate NY weather. But I’m usually just as warm (and a lot more comfortable) wearing a romper or skirt or dress with tights than if I were wearing pants. So, most of the time I opt against the pants. Obviously, I would normally be wearing my thick puffer parka anytime I’m outside (plus sometimes a hat and gloves), but for the purposes of the photos, I took that off.


Today, I was just in the mood to wear a romper. When I woke up, I was wishing that the sun would come out all the snow would melt and finally it would be spring, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s in my immediate future here in upstate NY. I went for the romper anyways, because who says you can’t wear rompers in winter?


Here’s my best advice for how to pull off a romper/skirt/dress even in the coldest of weather:

It may be obvious, but if you want to stay warm, layering is key. I actually ended up wearing a long-sleeved off the shoulder bodysuit under my romper. It’s a huge trend right now to layer even a basic tee or turtleneck underneath a tank top or anything with spaghetti straps, so try to get creative with it. I’m always trying out layering things that you normally wouldn’t think to put together, and sometimes the results are really nice.
2) Tights/Leggings
To keep your legs warm, tights and leggings underneath whatever you’re wearing is ideal. I just have like 5 pairs of black tights that I wear all the time, but you can get funky with this too. Sometimes I will wear fishnets, and there are all kinds of funky colored and designed (like lace) tights that you can try out too.
3) Jackets/Cardigans
Another obvious way to stay warm is to throw a jacket or cardigan over your dress. I could easily have paired this outfit with a nice leather jacket or chunky sweater for warmth. There are tons of options for jackets/coats/sweaters etc that you can layer on top of any outfit. Like I said, I almost always wear my parka puffer jacket when I’m walking around campus. It may not be the cutest thing, but it’s super practical and I take it off as soon as I get indoors anyways.
4) Warm Accessories
I’m super into using accessories that are practical and cute. My go-to is over the knee socks like the ones I’m wearing in this outfit. I have tons of them in different colors and textures, and they just add the perfect extra touch to an outfit. I also love popping on a hat/beanie, scarf, or bandanna around my neck for something extra, and they keep you warm too.
5) Boots
Especially in the weather lately (if you didn’t know, NY has been hit with some nasty snow storms in the past couple weeks), boots are a must. I practically always wear my Hunter boots when it’s snowing because they keep me warm, and allow me to trudge through the snow even when it’s piled up to my knees. If it’s not snowing, I’ll wear either riding boots or suede over the knee boots, and if it’s a little warmer, I’ll even throw on some booties or Converse hi-tops too.

ppetmpdupBoots: Hunter rain boots
Over the Knee Socks: Forever 21
ppetmpdupRomper: Target (I think, its super old though)
Bodysuit: Forever 21


I wanted to throw in the close- up pictures of the brick wall because I think it looks so cool. This wall is right outside my dorm building, so of course whenever I walk by it the blogger nerd in me always thinks about how I really want to take an OOTD in front of this cool ugly wall. So I did.

Hope you guys liked today’s OOTD! If you really like these types of posts, please let me know and I’ll do more!
s/o to my roommate Allie for standing in the cold to take pictures of my outfit!!



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meet me in miami

Hi everyone! FINALLY I am getting around to posting all of my photos from my trip to Florida in January. As one does on a vacation, I took way too many photos and therefore it took me a really long time to sort through all of them, edit them, and get them organized so that I could put this post together. I’m really happy with how a lot of these photos turned out, and I think this is probably the most colorful and happy (and probably longest) blog post I’ll ever put up. Hope you enjoy!

january 11, 6:30 am. warwick, ny.
I was lucky enough that my best friend Ariel invited me on this trip and that her grandparents let us stay with them for the time we were there. Even though it was a short 3 day trip, it was super fun and unforgettable. I drove to Ariel’s hometown the day before our trip (and we went on a super cool hike, but that will be a whole other blog post).  Her mom dropped us off at the airport in New Jersey and we were off, and luckily we caught a nice sunrise on the way.ppetmpdup

8:00 am. newark liberty international airport, new jersey.
We had to wake up super early to catch our plane, but we didn’t mind so much to be going from the frosty 30 degree mountain winds to warm and sunny 80 degree Florida. This was a super fun experience for me because it was my first plane ride. I loved going on the plane and I can’t wait to travel by air some more as soon as possible!

3:30 pm. hollywood beach, florida
Obviously there’s a little break in time here where I didn’t take any photos that involved us flying, frantically catching multiple ubers, and eventually finding our way to the beach. We decided to rent some cute bikes and ride up and down the boardwalk to the various shops and restaurants. You can tell from these photos that it was super windy and wearing skirts to go bike riding probably wasn’t our best idea. ppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdup

january 12th. 12 pm. fort lauderdale, florida
The next day, we decided to make ourselves breakfast then head off to Miami for the beach.


3 pm. south beach, florida
One of the fun little stops we made was this super cute smoothie/ acai bowl cafe in Miami called Under the Mango Tree. The smoothie bowls were delicious and very photogenic.ppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupAfter that, we hit the beach for some sun. ppetmpdupppetmpdup


5:30 pm. miami, florida.
We wanted to take a walk around South Beach and check out some more shops and restaurants. We accidentally ended up spending way too much money on a fancy drink at The Sugar Factory.ppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdup

january 13th. 11:30 am. fort lauderdale, florida.
This day, we took a really cool boat tour around the Fort Lauderdale waterfront. There’s tons of beautiful houses around there, so it was cool to see.ppetmpdupppetmpdup3:00 pm. coconut creek, florida.
I think this was my favorite part of the entire trip, or at least the part that I found most photo-worthy, as you can see. We went to Butterfly World, which is this beautiful enclosed garden full of amazing butterflies. It’s like a little fantasy world, and it was just a wonderful and fun experience. I’ve always loved butterflies, so second grade me was dying a little inside. Also, I hadn’t seen pretty flowers like this in months, so it was nice in comparison to the frigid New York setting I’d gotten used to. 6243751952_IMG_0964ppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdup6243751952_IMG_0939The garden had a beautiful little waterfall and stone bridge with water spraying from it, which looked absolutely amazing in the sunlight.ppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdup6243751952_IMG_09846174565056_IMG_09886243751952_IMG_0962Outside of the garden was this really beautiful pool with fountains and a suspension bridge over it.ppetmpdupppetmpdupThese parrots were really chill.ppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupAriel also got to feed some cute tropical birds.ppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdup

february 9. 7:15 pm. loudonville, ny.

Ironically, I got to finally finish this blog post because we had a snow day and classes were cancelled. I’m snuggled up in bed avoiding the frigid winter winds and three feet of snow outside that all of New York is currently covered with. And avoiding the essays I should be writing. And wishing I could be back at the beach in 80 degree sunshine.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it was really fun for me to make and look at all of the photos I took while I was there! I hope you liked how I put it together, I was trying out a different kind of writing style too!
More posts (especially fashion ones) coming soon!



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