a year in mirror pics

oh hi there! long time no see (because I suck at posting)

[if you only care to see my mirror pics, feel free to skip reading this, I won’t be mad. I’m an English major and I can’t shut up once I start typing something.]

I decided I would finally try to get back into posting on my blog. I’ve honestly found it’s really hard for me to do things completely for myself (like posting on my blog) anymore. Between school, Her Campus, work, trying to have a social life, sleeping, maybe attempting to maintain my sanity, etc., there’s basically no time for blog posting or being creative at all. A New Years resolution of mine is definitely to try to take some time for myself, and do more creative things, including posting on my blog. I find that being creative keeps me balanced and I feel more happy when I’m making art, so I’d like to strive towards that more often.

That being said, a huge issue I have with my blog is photos. If you know me in real life, I basically dress to the nines every single day. Whether I’m going out and doing things or just going to class, my outfits basically always look blog-worthy. But it’s hard to find the time to take out my nice camera, ask one of my friends to plan a time to take photos, and go out and actually shoot some nice photos for a blog post. I’m also a perfectionist and expect a lot from myself, so I also want to make sure all of these photos look all cohesive and Vogue-worthy and won’t post them if they aren’t edited properly or look perfect. I would love to find a friend on campus who could take photos like this of me more frequently (if that’s you, hmu).

But for the mean time, I’m known to take a ton of mirror selfies. If you have me on Instagram or Snapchat, you definitely know this, because I post them on my stories regularly. Half the time these don’t even show my face, I’m just showing off my outfit if I like it. I spend a lot of time putting together my outfits, so I enjoy sharing them with people, even if it’s just a quick snap on my phone. Just think of me like Cher from Clueless, who takes a Polaroid of her outfit everyday.

I also love saving all of my Snap Stories so I can go back and watch them. Since the New Year just started, I thought it’d be fun to go back through all of my stories from 2017 and see what I did this year. As I clicked through, I noticed all of these mirror pics, and was like hey, maybe that’s blog worthy? I started saving every mirror pic from my stories to my computer and soon realized this was quite the task. It took me several hours, and there was about… 130… of them. So after many hours later, here they all are, dated, sorted, and I’ve added cute little comments on them.

There’s a lot of these photos, so they aren’t meant to be looked at too carefully, just scrolled through quickly like a fashion slideshow of my year. All of these photos tell a little story about me– what I was doing, where on Earth I was, how I was feeling. Some of them are just normal outfits, some feature my friends, some are a little more funny.

Today I just found a journal of mine from like 2008. Inside I made a “back to school shopping list” which had some pretty funny and wild clothing pieces– zebra ballet flats, graffiti leggings, plaid shorts, boyfriend chinos, star scarf, etc. I’ve always been a pretty fashionable kid and I paid close attention and detail to clothing trends and runway shows and all that. No doubt I thought these clothing pieces were the height of my fashion aesthetic at the time. On the side of the page, I wrote “in for fall” and made a list of fashion trends I’d probably seen in magazines or online. Below it there was an “in for me” list which was all of the things I was wearing at the time.
I couldn’t help but laugh because it’s still so relevant to myself ten years later; you can tell from all of my 2017 mirror pics that I’m usually dressing to what’s “in for me.”

Another resolution of mine is to stop caring so much what other people want/think/tell me to do. Sometimes I hold back with my clothing or feel uncomfortable because I feel like people are staring at me or judging what I wear. I get upset when my friends tell me clothing I like is ugly. I’ve decided this year I’ll keep dressing for what’s “in for me,” not what’s “in” for everyone else.
I originally felt hesitant to post all of these mirror selfies because they’re truly a raw look into my life and a really unpolished glimpse at how I look all the time. I thought about people judging me for it and how that would make me feel so upset if people hated it because that would mean they hate what’s essentially me– how I look and express myself and live my life.
But then I remembered, I don’t really need to care what people think of me.

Take these mirror pics as you’d like to. Outfit inspiration, a story of my life, a diary. Here’s a glimpse into my life in 2017, unedited, without the fancy camera. Enjoy!

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  1. I would love to see a post about your favorite stores/boutiques to shop at! I’m always looking for new places to check out. Love the outfit inspo!😊

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