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Today I got hit with some major blog inspiration and headed to Troy for a photoshoot with my friend Brian (insta: @brianharat). We stopped in at the River Street Beat Shop and got some really dope photos. The shop is so amazingly retro and colorful, so I had a really fun time playing around with colors/grain etc. when editing these photos to create a really cool theme for this post. I hope you love how these turned out like I do. Scroll to the end of the post for outfit details!

7Ok this photo is my favorite, like WOW sorry I’m just so excited about it… like how the floors match the checkers in my sweatshirt and how it reflects in my sunglasses, and how the colors turned out. So so happy with this!

1108I know I’m always in Troy, but this is probably one of my favorite locations I’ve shot at so far. I actually posted photos on my blog from the outside of this shop (the one with the red pants) but the inside is even cooler. Such a cool place, the owner is super cool, and I love the vibes. Go check it out if you’re ever in Troy!

42Today’s look has been my go-to outfit lately for a lazy day, with a high fashion/street style spin! Even though it’s super comfortable, it still looks so put together and like I put in a ton of effort. You all know pops of red are my favorite, so of course that’s what I did with this outfit. I took major inspo from New York Fashion Week the past couple weeks, and I can definitely attribute this one to Christian Cowan’s Fall/Winter 2018 RTW. I’ve been loving the checkered pattern lately!


Outfit details:

Sweatshirt: Forever 21 – easily my best purchase ever, I wear this literally all the time. Men’s sweatshirts are too nice.
Pants: Adidas
Jacket: American Eagle – no longer available but this one from Urban is very similar
Shoes: H&M – I got these on super clearance for like $10 but here are some similar ones
Sunglasses: Amazon – how extra are these??? I love them!
Bag: Vintage Gucci from my mama’s closet (this purse is my literal CHILD I love it so much)

Hope you all enjoyed today’s photos! If you have any posts you’d like to see me do soon, feel free to make some requests! I was thinking a how to wear fishnets lookbook up next, and upcoming spring fashion trends too! I love feedback, so let me know what you guys are liking and what you want to see.



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