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Sharing music has always been one of my favorite things to do. Anyone who has me on Instagram or Snapchat knows that I post multiple songs I’m listening to every day. Music is so important to me because in the end it’s just another form of writing and art, except maybe it’s even more prominent because I use music to fill up every quiet moment of my life, reflecting and taking place of my own thoughts. The type of music we listen to says something about our personalities, our moods, what’s going on in our lives. I don’t just share songs because I think they sound good, I share them because they mean something to me or they relate to my life. In the past I used to rely completely on other people to share music with me, but lately I’ve been really interested in finding my own music and liking songs for my own interpretation of them. Songs are no longer facets of other people to me, they are little pieces of myself. If you listen to the songs I post all the time, maybe you know a little bit about me. Here’s a list of some of the music I’ve been obsessed with lately and how it makes me feel.


Delta – Mumford and Sons


This album probably couldn’t have been released at a better day, minute, or second of my life. The Friday morning after the first snow of the year, way too hungover, I lay in bed honestly feeling like shit about myself. I had gotten too drunk the night before as a result of holding off and suppressing too many things that were bothering me; like an intoxicated stupor was the only way to face them. So that morning, the snow reflected my mood– I was stuck, frozen in place, snowed in by my own misery.

For some reason, I always remember the first snow of every year being particularly tumultuous days in my life. I could have lied in bed all day, but then I got a notification on my phone that this album was available– I had forgotten about pre-downloading it, didn’t even know what day it was being released. But at that notification, I knew it was time for me to get up, get in the shower and stop feeling fucking sorry for myself. So I packed my bags and I left. I put this album on repeat and got on 88 and I drove two hours in the on-and-off sleet to visit my best friend in Oneonta.

Listening to Mumford and Sons has always been nostalgic for me, I’ve listened to them as long as I can remember listening to music at all. I saw them live a couple years ago at SPAC, a much more blissful kind of drunk, banjo-strumming summer memory with the same best friend, and it was one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. Their previous album Wilder Mind gives me memories of this concert, of road trips and mountain views and happy times. As I drove down 88, the hills and bumps and sleet and the constant beating of my windshield wipers made it feel like I was being pushed back, like I could so easily pull over and give up, but I didn’t. The faint view of snow-covered mountains all around me and the new album blasting promised me that there would be always be new songs and new memories to come if I just kept driving. So I did.

I’m obsessed with basically every song on this album, but my current favorites include: Delta, October Sky, Picture You, and The Wild.


Moodna, Once with Grace – Gus Dapperton


Gus Dapperton’s music makes me feel nostalgic in a much different way. His music brings me backward to a time before I was alive, giving me a strange sense of homesickness for a place I’ve never even been. I remember when I first heard Gus Dapperton: my brother was driving me to work over the summer because I didn’t have a car, and he told me he had to show me this guy’s music because he knew I’d like it. Turns out, he was right, and I’ve been listening to Gus’s music on REPEAT ever since. Even stranger, I ended up Google searching him, and it turns out he’s actually from Warwick NY where a couple of my good friends are from and he literally graduated high school with them. In a lot of Gus’s interviews, he talks about how where he grew up affected the way he creates his music, so I feel like having visited Warwick and knowing the exact little town he’s from I can understand his music a little more.

I’ve been really into old movies lately since I’ve been taking a Hitchcock class, and I feel like something about old movies is what Gus’s music makes you feel– it’s a strange sort of comfort being brought back into the past. Gus’s newest song World Class Cinema kind of plays exactly into this idea.

A bunch of my other favorites by Gus include: Moodna Once with Grace, I’m Just Snacking, Gum Toe and Sole, Faceless, Amadelle with Love, and Miss Glum & The Pursuit of Falling


Business – Catfish and the Bottlemen


Okay, yes. We all know that Catfish is my favorite band every damn day of the year and I beg them to release new music on all forms of social media quite often. But the thing about Catfish that makes them so special to me is that in my mind they’re all my own. I don’t really know many people who listen to them nor do I often share their songs with my friends. But to me this is because this band is so authentically me; no other music really says “Emma” like Catfish does. I truly found Catfish all on my own; I happened to be playing EQX radio a couple years ago when “Kathleen” came on and I thought it sounded kind of cool so I went back on their website later to see what the name of the song they were playing was. I looked up some more of their songs and became immediately obsessed.

In the months after my discovery of this band, I would watch live videos of them at music festivals and concerts and dream of seeing them one day, but I thought it was super unlikely they’d be near me anytime soon. So, probably one of the happiest moments of my life was when they announced their tour and that they’d be coming to my own hometown. It was so crazy to see this band that I love come all the way from England and stop into the shitty little concert hall 10 minutes from my house. I selfishly felt like they were doing it all for me. I sang every damn lyric at the top of my lungs as if me and Van McCann were doing a personal duet and no one else was in the room at all. Man, does that feel good.

I think the way that listening to Catfish makes me feel is how you feel when you’re at the bar and it’s a little too cold out but you need to get some air so you go outside and maybe you smoke a cigarette or you talk to someone you recognize. Or maybe you’re outside all alone and suddenly you feel hyper-aware of your loneliness when the cold makes your nose start to go numb. Kind of like you’re in limbo. I feel like a lot of their songs are about being in limbo, about being lost in life or in relationships and trying to figure shit out the best you can but you don’t know where you’re really supposed to go next. I was just talking to a friend the other day about how college kind of feels like being in limbo in this sense. There’s not much you’re really supposed to be doing, but lots of things you could be doing, so the result is just a whole fuck ton of confusion from everyone. I feel like Catfish’s music does a good job of embodying this feeling of my college years, of some strange space of unavailability between youth and adulthood.

I ridiculously love literally every Catfish song, but some of my die-hard favorites include: Business (this is #1 by far wow), Cocoon, Sidewinder, 7, and Fallout.


First Time – Seven Lions


Those who know me well know that for a while now I’ve been super into EDM music. Before, I always stuck to alternative, indie, and some pop punk, so EDM was entirely new to me when my friend Katelyn introduced me to it. She always told me about music festivals she would go to, and how the music would just make her feel so ridiculously happy whenever she listened to it. The more I’ve gotten into EDM, I completely understand her. What I love the most about it is while some of the songs have some amazing vocals, some of the other ones don’t at all. It’s just the music you feel and you aren’t being told by words what you’re supposed to think or feel about it, you just come up with its meaning all on your own. I think there’s something pretty blissful in that, not being told how you’re supposed to feel.

Katelyn and I had planned to go to my first EDM show, Seven Lions, in November. She ended up not being able to go, but I figured I would go anyways with a couple other friends. I’d been listening to his songs on repeat for a couple of weeks, but what was amazing about the show was it didn’t even matter that I knew the songs. We ended up getting right near the front since it was a pretty small crowd (wild because Seven Lions sells out venues like Red Rocks), and I don’t think I’ve ever let my body go so loose before in my life. It was a really energetic yet very calming feeling being there and letting it all go. I remembered tearing up a little bit because the feeling of being at a show like that is truly unbelievable. I texted Katelyn afterward and told her my life was changed a little bit that night. I think what it meant to me most was that in a world of stress, anxiety, and negativity, moments of pure bliss can still exist. Listening to EDM just makes me feel more positive all the time because it gives me reminders of those little moments of true happiness.

My all-time favorite song by Seven Lions is First Time, but I also love Strangers, Don’t Leave, and Where I Won’t Be Found.


If you liked this post or u dig any of the same music as me let me know, we can be friends 😉



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