december disposables

Getting a disposable camera is something I’ve wanted to do for so long but never got around to it. I happened to be on a little trip to NYC this December with Sofie when I decided to finally stop into a corner drugstore and buy one. The photos I got are mostly from that week but some are random shots from the weeks following. Although they took about 4 weeks to get developed, I think it was worth the wait. To me, no digital photo will ever compare to film photos. Sure, they came out a little grainy and the lighting isn’t right in many of them, but I think that’s the magic of a disposable camera– the lack of control over how the images are going to come out. There’s kind of a beauty in having only one shot at it, whether it turns out exactly how you pictured or not doesn’t really matter because at least you captured the moment. I believe that these photos have more originality, emotion, and energy than any photo I could have gotten on my phone, so that’s why I’m so thankful to have them to keep and share.

Here’s a little look at my life when I’ve only got one shot.

guggenheim af klintsofiesofie and chris sofie and emma 3 sofie and emma 4 sofie and emma tree whitney 2 whitney 3 whitney erin superior merchemma and lyzzi

I’m excited to get another disposable and get some more shots of my life like these ones. Hopefully you enjoyed scrolling through them, I sure enjoyed living them.



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