my go-to hairstyles for short(ish) hair


I recently got my hair trimmed and it rebirthed my love for my short(ish) hair. My whole life, I’ve always had super long hair, to the point where it grew all the way down to my butt and I was lowkey known amongst friends as “Emma with the good hair” in high school. Back then, I was always doing something with my hair to style it, like curling it, braiding it, and doing all kinds of updos with it. I ended up chopping my hair right around graduation from high school and it kind of created a new identity for me. Below is a side-by-side of awkward high school me with that super long hair compared to me now, honestly just to appreciate the glow-up I went through… like literally WHOM’ST is she?

Personally, I love my short hair because it makes me feel more edgy and stylish and it also just feels a lot more like my personality. In the past I definitely hid behind my hair a bit and being known to have long hair, but it’s not like my hair was actually that important to me. Now, every time my hair starts to get longer, I start to feel less and less like myself and immediately want a chop. I’ve had it even shorter than it is now, bangs, all kinds of different looks, but I really do think the way it is now is the best length for me. However, it is quite short, which means that I’ve had to adapt my hairstyles a lot from what I did back when I had super long hair. This has taken a lot of practice and learning, but I’ve narrowed down to some go-to looks and accessories in my hair that quickly and easily style my short look.

Side note: I thought it would be a cute aesthetic to do an all-natural makeup look and wear a tube top when shooting these pics, but honestly I feel like I kind of look strange without liquid liner and I definitely look naked in these, so my apologies for that. Promise I am not naked.

Sleek and Straight

This is the most straightforward look (lol no pun intended) but I really do think that a short, blunt haircut looks fantastic when it’s slicked down and pin straight. Some people may just have short hair naturally, but my hair is wavy and naturally flips at the bottom so it’s a little more difficult to get it super straight. I really love the classy look up parting your hair down the middle and spraying it down flat to tuck behind your ears, it’s just super sleek and stylish (especially with a glam look and a red lip!).


This is a super trendy hair look that I’ve totally jumped on already. Big barrettes and clips are all the rage to add a 2000’s-style accent to any simple hair look. I haven’t seen these clips since like 2nd grade, but I just picked these really cute ones up at Michael’s and I’m obsessed with wearing them, especially if I don’t know what to do with my hair or my outfit needs an extra pizazz. These clips work with straight hair, curly hair, side and middle parts, or with your hair slicked back in a low bun or pony like I did in my last blog post!

Low Messy Pony/Bun

This is by far my most-worn hairstyle out of all of these. Honestly, I’m more likely to wear my hair in a low bun or pony than to wear it down. This is my go-to look when I’m having a bad hair day, or I just want to get my hair out of my face for work. High pony’s and buns are kind of out of the question when you have short hair, but I’ve really grown to love this look. I always pull strands out in the front to frame my face and give it a little bit of interest rather than having it super slicked back. This look totally works with straight, wavy, or just totally messy hair and only takes a couple seconds.


This is probably my number one tip for accessories for girls with short hair to invest in. I have so many different kinds of scarves that I just love to play around with and style in different ways in my hair. This cheetah one is one of my favorites, but I have tons of other ones like silk scarves or little polka dotted ones too. I like to tie them as a headband, tie them in a bow underneath my hair (this looks cute with a bun), tie a bow on top of my head, or tie it to hang down loose around my ponytail. The possibilities are endless, so I think this is a must-have piece for girls with short hair (and honestly long too). I also love how a colored or patterned scarf can add a whole level of interest to an otherwise boring outfit.


This is definitely no surprise to any of you, but of course I had to throw in my favorite kind of hat to this post. I absolutely love wearing cabbie hats, like everyday, because I think they’re the perfect stylish way to get away with a bad hair day. They look cute with long hair, but I especially love how they look with short hair to be honest. I’ve also been getting super into wearing beanies, and berets are also a type of hat that are super on-trend right now. I will throw them on with my natural hair sometimes, but I personally like to straighten the ends a bit if I have the time so that the bottoms don’t flip up too much.

Hopefully this post gave you a little bit of hairspiration if you have short hair but are feeling stuck on how to style it… or maybe if you have long hair you’re now feeling tempted to do the chop 😈 (if you’re considering it, I personally highly recommend). I know these looks aren’t mind-blowing innovative and I’m not a beauty guru or anything, but I thought this would be something a little different to post about. If you liked these looks let me know in the comments or on my new fashion-themed Twitter or on Instagram!



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do’s and don’ts for wearing the neon trend

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s in for the upcoming spring season, you might already know that neon is going to be HUGE. I think it’s going to be one of those trends where you either love it or you really hate it– personally it’s growing on me. I bought a couple versatile neon yellow/green pieces like this turtleneck tank from Zara (which also comes in a gorgeous neon purple that I love) and my newly beloved Carhartt beanie, and they’ve honestly been a lot of fun to style.

However, after looking at some neon outfit inspiration on Pinterest, I can see why the neon trend is a tough one to pull off– even some fashion bloggers make questionable choices with their neon looks. In this post I’ll go through my personal do’s and don’ts for making the neon trend work.

Disclaimer: I am a strong believer that you can wear literally anything you want to wear. I am not saying that any of these bloggers have poor style at ALL. This is just my personal advice on what I find the best ways to style the neon trend and how to make it more wearable. Always go ahead and rock your clothes whatever way you like! ♥

  • DO: try a neon turtleneck

Image Source

I’ve noticed that by far the most common way to wear neon is in turtleneck form. I think this is the perfect piece to buy if you want to try out the trend. It’s very easy to pair a fitted, colorful top like this with an otherwise plain outfit to jazz it up a bit.


  • DON’T: wear too many neon pieces at once

Image Source

I do think there is a little too much neon sometimes. Neon colors are hard to match and if they don’t all go together perfectly, it can be a little mismatched. If you want to wear more than one neon piece at once, I would try ones that either match absolutely perfectly, or ones made to go together in a set.


  • DO: pair it with a blazer

Image Source

I absolutely love the look of pairing neon with a blazer (you can see from my own photo I’ve done it too). The blazer helps to cover a lot of the neon so it functions only as an accent rather than overwhelming the whole outfit. I also think the more structured, businessy style of a blazer helps offset how casual neon can look sometimes.


  • DON’T: do this whole motocross thing

Image Source

I saw this concept several times in my neon research, and frankly I just think it is too much. If you’re going to do the whole motocross pants look, doing so with more wearable colors can work, but I think that adding in neon just makes it way too literal. If you can pull this look off, power to you, but most of us can’t step out in public in something like this.


  • DO: pair it with all black

Image Source

Image Source

I think the most fool-proof way to wear neon is to pair it with everything black in the rest of the outfit. This helps balance out the bright color and makes the outfit look very modern and clean. Once again, both these looks show a blazer paired with the neon which I think makes it look much more sophisticated. Also, I think those neon pants are fab and I would totally wear them.


  • DON’T: neon sportswear and bike shorts

Image Source

Okay, bike shorts are hard enough to wear in the first place, so why make it harder for yourself and make them neon too? Although this girl’s bod looks great and she could probably pull off a plastic bag, I just think the neon bike shorts are too much, especially paired with the fanny pack and sports bra. Going too sporty with neon will make it look like you’re getting dressed for softball practice in middle school instead of going out for lunch.


  • DO: pair it with denim

Image Source

I actually think that neon pairs really well with light wash denim (and black denim top of course). This is a good way to make your neon look casual but not too sporty. A relaxed neon t-shirt and some vintage high waisted jeans is the way to go, just keep the rest of your look simple and clean to make sure you still look put together.


  • DON’T: do neon & checkers

Image Source

Okay, this outfit just pulls in all of my neon outfit pet-peeves like the biker shorts and mismatched colors. I kind of thought checkers were going out of style, but I do see them in a ton of different variations in the new f/w 2019 shows. So, if you decide to keep rocking checkers I would advise you to do so cautiously when pairing it with neon. In my opinion this look is a little too cheesy and brings in too many racecar/skater/street sign references to be taken seriously. Also, my theme here might just be that I really can’t get behind biker shorts.


  • DO: make the neon subtle

Image Source

I think that both of these looks do a very great job of subtly integrating neon into their outfits in very different ways. In the look on the left, I love how neon pairs under grey and the little peep of green socks above her booties that ties it all together. In the look on the right, I love how she made a bold statement by pairing the cheetah jacket with the neon top, but it works because the colors in the jacket are neutral and the rest of her outfit is quite basic. Both looks exemplify how neon should be an accent to your look, but not overpower it.


So… what do you think of the neon trend? Will you try out some of my tips on how to rock it or have I just officially scared you away? Let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram!




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