spring trends that I hate to love


No matter how cutting-edge and trendy fashionista you might be, everyone has those trends that you really just can’t get behind. Personally, I always am open to trying out the newest thing in fashion, and I definitely wear a lot of those trends that the average person would often find questionable. But even for me, there are some trends that took some time to grow on me– often I had to see them styled really well over and over again or a specific version of the style that made me start to like the trend. Generally, I feel like a lot of these trends are the same things I wore back in elementary school, so as a way of rejecting any memory of those times, I’ve avoided them like the plague. However, everything comes back around again eventually (hopefully not awkward elementary school me, though). So, here’s my take on some of the most questionable spring 2019 trends that I hate to love.


Cowboy Boots

This is actually the trend that made me think to start writing this post. My whole entire life I swear I would rather die than be seen in anything cowboy/western inspired. I’m too much of a city-style girl for that type of look, so it was really never my thing. But….. I’ve honestly been coming across cowboy boots styled in some really cute outfits and I can’t help but want a pair for myself now. I think a huge thing is that I really prefer the boots in black or white and a patent leather style look. I think this makes them much more sleek and modern than actual brown cowboy boots you would wear on a farm. Styling these boots is absolutely key, I think the best way is to avoid anything else in your look remotely western-inspired and keep it completely modern/city/even grungey to counteract the cowboy vibes. Below are some examples of what I think are good ways to style these boots. Also, if anyone comes across black patent-leather cowboy boots like these, please send them my way because these ones are sold out online and I’m obsessed with them!


Bike/Bermuda Shorts

Okay yes, I know I pretty much shit all over bike shorts in my last blog post, but that’s how quickly I can change my mind on things (well, unless they’re neon bike shorts, then I’m still not down for it). I was very resistant to the trend when it popped up last summer because I initially thought the bermuda style was super unflattering, and once again, reminded me of the ones I wore in elementary school. However, I’ve been seeing them styled again more and more lately and I think they’re going to be an unavoidably big trend for spring 2019. Also, we must not forget that Princess Diana was the original queen of bike shorts, so if she wore them, they must be okay. So, I caved and bought a cheap pair of like $4 bike shorts from Forever 21 the other day just to test out the trend, and I honestly don’t regret it at all. They’re super comfy and basically are like wearing leggings with a more fashionable twist, which is especially ideal when it’s hot out. I think the best way to style these is to keep them in neutral colors (basically black or denim are my favorite) and then add pieces to really dress them up. I love it when people style them with a blazer or button down to make it more sophisticated, or I also love the look of adding a belt bag over the top to make them look less plain. I also love Kendall Jenner’s vintage Levi-looking bermuda shorts, and will def be trying to DIY some for myself.

Rhinestone Belts

Not that this trend is particularly ugly or anything, but I think in the past I would have really thought that a rhinestone belt was unwearable or super tacky. However, I’ve been seeing these sparkly beauts everywhere and have fallen in love with them. Definitely the best way to wear a belt like this is with a very casual outfit, like light wash jeans and a white tee, to make them wearable for every day (although dressing them up for going out would also be super fab). You may have noticed from my Instagram that I actually treated myself and bought one of these, however I got it cheap off of Amazon and it fell apart in about a day 🙁 I’m not sure if all of them do this, or it would be best to invest in a more expensive one if you really love the trend. I will admit that they’re probably more suited to smaller-waisted girls because mine had a hard time laying right and not digging into my stomach, and I’m not super into a non-inclusive look like that, so I’m feeling mixed love/hate emotions for these belts right now.

Long Satin Skirts/Dresses

Midi skirts are a trend that have gotten more accepted in the past few years, but I honestly wasn’t big on them until these silky flowy looks started coming out. I’ve noticed a major thing about a lot of these trends I’m talking about is that fashion is moving away from less “conventionally flattering” silhouettes, aka moving towards bermuda shorts instead of buttcheek-showing Daisy Dukes, and towards midi skirts instead of mini skirts. I think embracing new silhouettes and styles is something really cool about the changing fashion trends over the years. I used to think long skirts were for old ladies, but now I’ve been getting into these longer styles. Honestly, they’re also just super comfortable and flowy and feel like a breeze on your bod. I don’t own a silky skirt or dress yet, but I definitely want to find a good staple one that I can style all kinds of different ways for spring, I’ve been checking thrift stores whenever I go to try to find one! I love how these can be dressed up or down, and I especially love the look of a silky dress layered over a t-shirt or turtleneck with sneakers. Super easy but cute!

Clear Plastic Purses

This is one of those trends where initially even I was like, okay who the hell would actually want to buy that? But, as I’ve been seeing more and more uber-aesthetically pleasing pictures of clear plastic bags, they’ve really grown on me. Although this might be super unreasonable for those messy-purse gals, if you usually don’t carry too many things with you (or just everything you own is really pretty?) then this is a super cool look. I like how it can really match anything and you can kind of completely change the style of the purse based on what you put inside it. Also, if you just have a super cute wallet, compact or sunglasses that normally would get hidden inside your purse, here’s the chance to show them off! If you like the modern clear look but don’t want people seeing your stuff, there’s also some styles with mini-bags inside of them to hold your belongings while still maintaining the same style. My Vogue-mind just also has me picturing a clear purse in an editorial shoot with cool stuff like flowers or something inside of it.

Little hoop earrings

I honestly don’t know why I was so against little hoops in the past, but now they’re becoming really trendy and I’ve fallen in love with them. I especially love them all layered together if you have a lot of piercings down your ear and I think it’s a super cool-girl look. I also love the ones with little charms on them… like how cute is that?! Also, not gonna lie, I think these can look kind of hot on guys too… maybe a hot take but I’m into it. Either way, this trend is making me wanna get more piercings so I can stack my ear up with these cute guys like it’s a frickin charm bracelet.

Vintage Light Green

I don’t really know if this is a trend, but I’ve been seeing this super earthy/light green tone everywhere and I’m just in love with it. Even though I have a lot of neutral black and white pieces, I really can’t live without some color in my life. I’ve never been attracted to green much at all, but I think this particular tone is super beautiful and calm and neutral enough to be wearable. I’ve actually loved throwing a pop of color on my eyes lately, so a light green has been my go-to, which I think goes super well with my dark hair and brings out some of the green hints in my eyes.


Multicolor Nails

I recently wrote an article about spring nail trends over at Her Campus, but I left out the multicolor look because I honestly wasn’t a fan of it at first. I feel like painting each nail a different color is something I would’ve thought was cool when I was 5, but at the same time, why not get a little fun and youthful with our nail looks? I think the key to pulling off this look is twofold: 1) keeping the length of your nails short and natural, and 2) making sure the colors are pastel/more neutral and they go together well. I think that it’s easy for this style to look too little kiddish/easter-egg like, so really making sure the colors you use are sophisticated and subdued is the best way to do it. I’m not sure if I’d actually try this trend out or not, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

What do you think of all of these “questionable” spring trends for 2019? I know it seems like a lot of these might just be super in-the-moment and will go away quickly, but then again chunky dad shoes are kind of still kickin’ it so who knows how long they’ll stick around. Comment below or on my Instagram to let me know which of these trends you’d try, and which you think deserve to be out of style soon enough!



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