my go-to hairstyles for short(ish) hair


I recently got my hair trimmed and it rebirthed my love for my short(ish) hair. My whole life, I’ve always had super long hair, to the point where it grew all the way down to my butt and I was lowkey known amongst friends as “Emma with the good hair” in high school. Back then, I was always doing something with my hair to style it, like curling it, braiding it, and doing all kinds of updos with it. I ended up chopping my hair right around graduation from high school and it kind of created a new identity for me. Below is a side-by-side of awkward high school me with that super long hair compared to me now, honestly just to appreciate the glow-up I went through… like literally WHOM’ST is she?

Personally, I love my short hair because it makes me feel more edgy and stylish and it also just feels a lot more like my personality. In the past I definitely hid behind my hair a bit and being known to have long hair, but it’s not like my hair was actually that important to me. Now, every time my hair starts to get longer, I start to feel less and less like myself and immediately want a chop. I’ve had it even shorter than it is now, bangs, all kinds of different looks, but I really do think the way it is now is the best length for me. However, it is quite short, which means that I’ve had to adapt my hairstyles a lot from what I did back when I had super long hair. This has taken a lot of practice and learning, but I’ve narrowed down to some go-to looks and accessories in my hair that quickly and easily style my short look.

Side note: I thought it would be a cute aesthetic to do an all-natural makeup look and wear a tube top when shooting these pics, but honestly I feel like I kind of look strange without liquid liner and I definitely look naked in these, so my apologies for that. Promise I am not naked.

Sleek and Straight

This is the most straightforward look (lol no pun intended) but I really do think that a short, blunt haircut looks fantastic when it’s slicked down and pin straight. Some people may just have short hair naturally, but my hair is wavy and naturally flips at the bottom so it’s a little more difficult to get it super straight. I really love the classy look up parting your hair down the middle and spraying it down flat to tuck behind your ears, it’s just super sleek and stylish (especially with a glam look and a red lip!).


This is a super trendy hair look that I’ve totally jumped on already. Big barrettes and clips are all the rage to add a 2000’s-style accent to any simple hair look. I haven’t seen these clips since like 2nd grade, but I just picked these really cute ones up at Michael’s and I’m obsessed with wearing them, especially if I don’t know what to do with my hair or my outfit needs an extra pizazz. These clips work with straight hair, curly hair, side and middle parts, or with your hair slicked back in a low bun or pony like I did in my last blog post!

Low Messy Pony/Bun

This is by far my most-worn hairstyle out of all of these. Honestly, I’m more likely to wear my hair in a low bun or pony than to wear it down. This is my go-to look when I’m having a bad hair day, or I just want to get my hair out of my face for work. High pony’s and buns are kind of out of the question when you have short hair, but I’ve really grown to love this look. I always pull strands out in the front to frame my face and give it a little bit of interest rather than having it super slicked back. This look totally works with straight, wavy, or just totally messy hair and only takes a couple seconds.


This is probably my number one tip for accessories for girls with short hair to invest in. I have so many different kinds of scarves that I just love to play around with and style in different ways in my hair. This cheetah one is one of my favorites, but I have tons of other ones like silk scarves or little polka dotted ones too. I like to tie them as a headband, tie them in a bow underneath my hair (this looks cute with a bun), tie a bow on top of my head, or tie it to hang down loose around my ponytail. The possibilities are endless, so I think this is a must-have piece for girls with short hair (and honestly long too). I also love how a colored or patterned scarf can add a whole level of interest to an otherwise boring outfit.


This is definitely no surprise to any of you, but of course I had to throw in my favorite kind of hat to this post. I absolutely love wearing cabbie hats, like everyday, because I think they’re the perfect stylish way to get away with a bad hair day. They look cute with long hair, but I especially love how they look with short hair to be honest. I’ve also been getting super into wearing beanies, and berets are also a type of hat that are super on-trend right now. I will throw them on with my natural hair sometimes, but I personally like to straighten the ends a bit if I have the time so that the bottoms don’t flip up too much.

Hopefully this post gave you a little bit of hairspiration if you have short hair but are feeling stuck on how to style it… or maybe if you have long hair you’re now feeling tempted to do the chop 😈 (if you’re considering it, I personally highly recommend). I know these looks aren’t mind-blowing innovative and I’m not a beauty guru or anything, but I thought this would be something a little different to post about. If you liked these looks let me know in the comments or on my new fashion-themed Twitter or on Instagram!



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december disposables

Getting a disposable camera is something I’ve wanted to do for so long but never got around to it. I happened to be on a little trip to NYC this December with Sofie when I decided to finally stop into a corner drugstore and buy one. The photos I got are mostly from that week but some are random shots from the weeks following. Although they took about 4 weeks to get developed, I think it was worth the wait. To me, no digital photo will ever compare to film photos. Sure, they came out a little grainy and the lighting isn’t right in many of them, but I think that’s the magic of a disposable camera– the lack of control over how the images are going to come out. There’s kind of a beauty in having only one shot at it, whether it turns out exactly how you pictured or not doesn’t really matter because at least you captured the moment. I believe that these photos have more originality, emotion, and energy than any photo I could have gotten on my phone, so that’s why I’m so thankful to have them to keep and share.

Here’s a little look at my life when I’ve only got one shot.

guggenheim af klintsofiesofie and chris sofie and emma 3 sofie and emma 4 sofie and emma tree whitney 2 whitney 3 whitney erin superior merchemma and lyzzi

I’m excited to get another disposable and get some more shots of my life like these ones. Hopefully you enjoyed scrolling through them, I sure enjoyed living them.



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fall/winter music mood

Sharing music has always been one of my favorite things to do. Anyone who has me on Instagram or Snapchat knows that I post multiple songs I’m listening to every day. Music is so important to me because in the end it’s just another form of writing and art, except maybe it’s even more prominent because I use music to fill up every quiet moment of my life, reflecting and taking place of my own thoughts. The type of music we listen to says something about our personalities, our moods, what’s going on in our lives. I don’t just share songs because I think they sound good, I share them because they mean something to me or they relate to my life. In the past I used to rely completely on other people to share music with me, but lately I’ve been really interested in finding my own music and liking songs for my own interpretation of them. Songs are no longer facets of other people to me, they are little pieces of myself. If you listen to the songs I post all the time, maybe you know a little bit about me. Here’s a list of some of the music I’ve been obsessed with lately and how it makes me feel.


Delta – Mumford and Sons


This album probably couldn’t have been released at a better day, minute, or second of my life. The Friday morning after the first snow of the year, way too hungover, I lay in bed honestly feeling like shit about myself. I had gotten too drunk the night before as a result of holding off and suppressing too many things that were bothering me; like an intoxicated stupor was the only way to face them. So that morning, the snow reflected my mood– I was stuck, frozen in place, snowed in by my own misery.

For some reason, I always remember the first snow of every year being particularly tumultuous days in my life. I could have lied in bed all day, but then I got a notification on my phone that this album was available– I had forgotten about pre-downloading it, didn’t even know what day it was being released. But at that notification, I knew it was time for me to get up, get in the shower and stop feeling fucking sorry for myself. So I packed my bags and I left. I put this album on repeat and got on 88 and I drove two hours in the on-and-off sleet to visit my best friend in Oneonta.

Listening to Mumford and Sons has always been nostalgic for me, I’ve listened to them as long as I can remember listening to music at all. I saw them live a couple years ago at SPAC, a much more blissful kind of drunk, banjo-strumming summer memory with the same best friend, and it was one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. Their previous album Wilder Mind gives me memories of this concert, of road trips and mountain views and happy times. As I drove down 88, the hills and bumps and sleet and the constant beating of my windshield wipers made it feel like I was being pushed back, like I could so easily pull over and give up, but I didn’t. The faint view of snow-covered mountains all around me and the new album blasting promised me that there would be always be new songs and new memories to come if I just kept driving. So I did.

I’m obsessed with basically every song on this album, but my current favorites include: Delta, October Sky, Picture You, and The Wild.


Moodna, Once with Grace – Gus Dapperton


Gus Dapperton’s music makes me feel nostalgic in a much different way. His music brings me backward to a time before I was alive, giving me a strange sense of homesickness for a place I’ve never even been. I remember when I first heard Gus Dapperton: my brother was driving me to work over the summer because I didn’t have a car, and he told me he had to show me this guy’s music because he knew I’d like it. Turns out, he was right, and I’ve been listening to Gus’s music on REPEAT ever since. Even stranger, I ended up Google searching him, and it turns out he’s actually from Warwick NY where a couple of my good friends are from and he literally graduated high school with them. In a lot of Gus’s interviews, he talks about how where he grew up affected the way he creates his music, so I feel like having visited Warwick and knowing the exact little town he’s from I can understand his music a little more.

I’ve been really into old movies lately since I’ve been taking a Hitchcock class, and I feel like something about old movies is what Gus’s music makes you feel– it’s a strange sort of comfort being brought back into the past. Gus’s newest song World Class Cinema kind of plays exactly into this idea.

A bunch of my other favorites by Gus include: Moodna Once with Grace, I’m Just Snacking, Gum Toe and Sole, Faceless, Amadelle with Love, and Miss Glum & The Pursuit of Falling


Business – Catfish and the Bottlemen


Okay, yes. We all know that Catfish is my favorite band every damn day of the year and I beg them to release new music on all forms of social media quite often. But the thing about Catfish that makes them so special to me is that in my mind they’re all my own. I don’t really know many people who listen to them nor do I often share their songs with my friends. But to me this is because this band is so authentically me; no other music really says “Emma” like Catfish does. I truly found Catfish all on my own; I happened to be playing EQX radio a couple years ago when “Kathleen” came on and I thought it sounded kind of cool so I went back on their website later to see what the name of the song they were playing was. I looked up some more of their songs and became immediately obsessed.

In the months after my discovery of this band, I would watch live videos of them at music festivals and concerts and dream of seeing them one day, but I thought it was super unlikely they’d be near me anytime soon. So, probably one of the happiest moments of my life was when they announced their tour and that they’d be coming to my own hometown. It was so crazy to see this band that I love come all the way from England and stop into the shitty little concert hall 10 minutes from my house. I selfishly felt like they were doing it all for me. I sang every damn lyric at the top of my lungs as if me and Van McCann were doing a personal duet and no one else was in the room at all. Man, does that feel good.

I think the way that listening to Catfish makes me feel is how you feel when you’re at the bar and it’s a little too cold out but you need to get some air so you go outside and maybe you smoke a cigarette or you talk to someone you recognize. Or maybe you’re outside all alone and suddenly you feel hyper-aware of your loneliness when the cold makes your nose start to go numb. Kind of like you’re in limbo. I feel like a lot of their songs are about being in limbo, about being lost in life or in relationships and trying to figure shit out the best you can but you don’t know where you’re really supposed to go next. I was just talking to a friend the other day about how college kind of feels like being in limbo in this sense. There’s not much you’re really supposed to be doing, but lots of things you could be doing, so the result is just a whole fuck ton of confusion from everyone. I feel like Catfish’s music does a good job of embodying this feeling of my college years, of some strange space of unavailability between youth and adulthood.

I ridiculously love literally every Catfish song, but some of my die-hard favorites include: Business (this is #1 by far wow), Cocoon, Sidewinder, 7, and Fallout.


First Time – Seven Lions


Those who know me well know that for a while now I’ve been super into EDM music. Before, I always stuck to alternative, indie, and some pop punk, so EDM was entirely new to me when my friend Katelyn introduced me to it. She always told me about music festivals she would go to, and how the music would just make her feel so ridiculously happy whenever she listened to it. The more I’ve gotten into EDM, I completely understand her. What I love the most about it is while some of the songs have some amazing vocals, some of the other ones don’t at all. It’s just the music you feel and you aren’t being told by words what you’re supposed to think or feel about it, you just come up with its meaning all on your own. I think there’s something pretty blissful in that, not being told how you’re supposed to feel.

Katelyn and I had planned to go to my first EDM show, Seven Lions, in November. She ended up not being able to go, but I figured I would go anyways with a couple other friends. I’d been listening to his songs on repeat for a couple of weeks, but what was amazing about the show was it didn’t even matter that I knew the songs. We ended up getting right near the front since it was a pretty small crowd (wild because Seven Lions sells out venues like Red Rocks), and I don’t think I’ve ever let my body go so loose before in my life. It was a really energetic yet very calming feeling being there and letting it all go. I remembered tearing up a little bit because the feeling of being at a show like that is truly unbelievable. I texted Katelyn afterward and told her my life was changed a little bit that night. I think what it meant to me most was that in a world of stress, anxiety, and negativity, moments of pure bliss can still exist. Listening to EDM just makes me feel more positive all the time because it gives me reminders of those little moments of true happiness.

My all-time favorite song by Seven Lions is First Time, but I also love Strangers, Don’t Leave, and Where I Won’t Be Found.


If you liked this post or u dig any of the same music as me let me know, we can be friends 😉



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This Is Not an Apology Post

Every time I don’t post on this blog for a while I find myself apologizing for it. I get on streaks of inspiration where I post a bunch of things for a while and then I give up, I run out of ideas or content that I consider “good enough.” I think my logic is that if I don’t post anything, then at least I can’t get mad at myself for it not being as perfect as I expect it to be.

My desire for perfection has always been one of my biggest motivators and also one of my biggest setbacks in my life. Anxiety has a lot to do with it; I feel the need to perfect many aspects of my life so that I don’t feel like everything is spiraling out of control away from me. I can’t function if my room isn’t clean, I can’t leave the house if my outfit isn’t exactly how I envisioned it, I can’t hand in a project if it’s not what I consider my best work.

Today in my Writing and Rhetoric class I got my first paper back for a grade. At the bottom, my professor wrote “You have a beautiful prose style… very reader friendly… I’d wager you end up in a writing intensive profession. Some of this reads like professional, magazine worthy, writing.” I started to tear up right there in class. I’ll admit when I handed it in, I thought I would do pretty well on the paper. I’d spent many hours editing little details, going into his office hours to ask him questions about it, making sure everything was perfect as I thought I could make it.

But the thing is, what I forgot until I got his comments back is that I actually do know how to write, and that I like to write. I’d been so caught up in the little details and trying to tweak the paper for a good grade that I forgot about something I couldn’t change even if I tried, my voice. And to hear that my professor admired my writing for my voice and my style meant so much to me. I don’t think he ever could have known that my ultimate dream goal is to write for a magazine, but he thought to comment that that was where I belong anyways. In the end, I can’t “perfect” being truly passionate about something, I can’t fake my voice, and not everything is about getting a good grade. The fact that my professor recognized from just my style of writing where I belong in this world made me realize so much about my life lately and made me want to start writing this blog post.

It’s easy for me to get caught up in what everyone else wants. In school, it’s what my professor wants so that I can get a good grade. With my blog, I worry about what all of you want to see too. I get worried that no one’s going to read what I write or care about what I have to say, so I put pretty photos because everyone responds well to that. I love photography and it’s an art form I’ve been learning about and becoming more interested in, but not everything I care about is having a nice Instagram feed. In the end, I love aesthetically pleasing things and fashion but what I truly love to do is write. Maybe this is why I never post on my blog, because even though a blog is supposed to be a platform for writing, it’s turned into a social media all in itself. All because of this, I feel bad about actually putting words onto my blog because I don’t want to annoy people with them. Isn’t that a little fucked up? All because I’m worried about what other people think of me, I’ve forgotten about my voice.

I obviously love social media and I love posting photos on Instagram, but it distracts everyone (including myself) from a lot of meaningful things in life. Posting on social media rewards us with immediate satisfaction, people like it and the likes pop up on our screen and they’re quantified by numbers, hundreds of likes that are supposed to determine the “worth” of this picture. But what’s it worth if we don’t really care about it? Even if no one reads what I write, I care more that I write something beautiful or meaningful than I care about those half-assed photos thrown up on my blog or Instagram because that’s what everyone else wants to see (mind you, some of my photos are not half-assed, they take a lot of creative effort, but certainly some of them are and a lot of things that other people post just for “likes” are).

In the same vein, I’ve truly been feeling down lately. Nothing has felt like it’s been going right in my life. It goes back to that feeling of anxiety; all of this bullshit has been happening around me that is out of my control and I let it get to me because I can’t do anything about it. I get so lost in this shit, this drama and negativity, but in perspective it’s all absolutely meaningless. Like a half-assed social media post, maybe everyone else cares about it or at least they act like they care about it, but I need to remind myself that it’s okay that I don’t. It’s when I let myself get caught up in these things that I feel the worst, because it means I’ve lost track of what’s important to me, and I forget all about my voice.

I know sometimes I see things differently than other people do. Colors speak to me in ways I sometimes can’t describe. Today I decided to take a minute to myself in the midst of this whole funk I’ve been in and I went out with one of my best friends to get breakfast. It was a strangely beautiful 80 degree October day, and when I looked around I saw all the colors around me in my life matching up with each other. I saw everything in a blue and yellow tint, my favorite colors together, everywhere I looked. I thought to myself, Wow everything looks pretty today maybe that’s a sign that everything is going to be better for me. I realize now that maybe everything seemed to match because I was finally, finally taking a second to remember what’s actually important to me. My entire perspective on life was so fucked because I had lost my own voice, been out of my own frame of mind, until I sorted things out and finally all the colors I saw were in harmony with each other.

I left my class after getting my paper back from my professor and started my walk back to my house. There’s a walkway I take lined with trees. At the moment, they’re all the most beautiful tint of yellow I’ve ever seen, juxtaposed next to the oddly bright blue October sky. And now I remember, they were the same color when I took the photos for my first blog post ever in front of them.
How nice it is to let the colors match up for once.

As I write this, I’m getting worried maybe there isn’t a point to what I’m saying. I’m encouraging myself to stop this worrying because maybe the point isn’t that there’s a point. The point is just that I’m writing. I’m doing what I love and expressing how I feel and remembering my voice, not because it’s what I think everyone else wants. So here I am, not apologizing for not posting on my blog enough. It won’t always be like this, but for now perfection isn’t on my mind. What’s on my mind is the blue and yellows.




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something a lil different


photographed by Brian Harat








outfit details:
shirt – stolen from my brother’s closet
jeans – thrifted levi 501’s
shoes – checkerboard vans

I decided to do something a little different for this post– photos first this time. I do a lot of really cool photoshoots with different photographers and friends I know just for fun but I barely ever make full blog posts out of it, so no one ever gets to see all of the photos except me. I met up with my friend Brian for these shots at Peck’s Arcade in Troy and I just love how they turned out! Usually I try to have a concept for a photoshoot going into it, but this time we kind of decided to walk around Troy and see what happened. This location was amazing and inspired me so much, and I think the photos show it!

I usually wear darker and more edgy styles, but with summer coming around I’ve been really into light colors, neutrals, and more natural textures and settings. It’s not what I normally go for but I’m really liking the change. You may be seeing me switch around my Instagram to more things going along with this style! Also, mad props to the amazing natural lighting in these photos– not kidding they barely needed to be edited at all. They don’t look overdone or like we tried too hard and that’s what I love about it.

During this shoot, Brian and I were talking about why he likes to take photos/ why I like both taking them and being in them. We both agree that it’s not about the Instagram likes or the money or anything like that, it’s about happiness. Brian said the best thing about taking photos of his friends is seeing them be happy with the result and feeling really good about themselves when they see the final product. I couldn’t agree more. The main reason I work on my blog, write, make art, and take photos is because I genuinely love being creative and it makes me so happy to do all of these things. It truly is my main passion in life.

That being said, it hasn’t been easy for me to stay happy lately. Only my closest friends know that I got in a pretty bad car accident about a week ago and it’s been extremely tough for me. I am very lucky to come out of it with only a few bruises and everyone is okay, but any accident is scary and takes a mental toll on you. I’ve found it very difficult to stay positive at all these past few days. My friends have reminded me to try to focus on all the good things in my life, and I remembered that those things include blogging and fashion and creating. I’ve decided to make it a priority to keep myself genuinely happy by doing these things. I’ve been so inspired talking to my friends about creative ideas and concepts we have, so I’m really excited to start working on them.

I’ve been collecting quite a few more thrifted items, so expect my thrift shopping post up next! Also, if you guys like seeing all of the photos from my photoshoots, please let me know and I can post more like this.



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a year in mirror pics

oh hi there! long time no see (because I suck at posting)

[if you only care to see my mirror pics, feel free to skip reading this, I won’t be mad. I’m an English major and I can’t shut up once I start typing something.]

I decided I would finally try to get back into posting on my blog. I’ve honestly found it’s really hard for me to do things completely for myself (like posting on my blog) anymore. Between school, Her Campus, work, trying to have a social life, sleeping, maybe attempting to maintain my sanity, etc., there’s basically no time for blog posting or being creative at all. A New Years resolution of mine is definitely to try to take some time for myself, and do more creative things, including posting on my blog. I find that being creative keeps me balanced and I feel more happy when I’m making art, so I’d like to strive towards that more often.

That being said, a huge issue I have with my blog is photos. If you know me in real life, I basically dress to the nines every single day. Whether I’m going out and doing things or just going to class, my outfits basically always look blog-worthy. But it’s hard to find the time to take out my nice camera, ask one of my friends to plan a time to take photos, and go out and actually shoot some nice photos for a blog post. I’m also a perfectionist and expect a lot from myself, so I also want to make sure all of these photos look all cohesive and Vogue-worthy and won’t post them if they aren’t edited properly or look perfect. I would love to find a friend on campus who could take photos like this of me more frequently (if that’s you, hmu).

But for the mean time, I’m known to take a ton of mirror selfies. If you have me on Instagram or Snapchat, you definitely know this, because I post them on my stories regularly. Half the time these don’t even show my face, I’m just showing off my outfit if I like it. I spend a lot of time putting together my outfits, so I enjoy sharing them with people, even if it’s just a quick snap on my phone. Just think of me like Cher from Clueless, who takes a Polaroid of her outfit everyday.

I also love saving all of my Snap Stories so I can go back and watch them. Since the New Year just started, I thought it’d be fun to go back through all of my stories from 2017 and see what I did this year. As I clicked through, I noticed all of these mirror pics, and was like hey, maybe that’s blog worthy? I started saving every mirror pic from my stories to my computer and soon realized this was quite the task. It took me several hours, and there was about… 130… of them. So after many hours later, here they all are, dated, sorted, and I’ve added cute little comments on them.

There’s a lot of these photos, so they aren’t meant to be looked at too carefully, just scrolled through quickly like a fashion slideshow of my year. All of these photos tell a little story about me– what I was doing, where on Earth I was, how I was feeling. Some of them are just normal outfits, some feature my friends, some are a little more funny.

Today I just found a journal of mine from like 2008. Inside I made a “back to school shopping list” which had some pretty funny and wild clothing pieces– zebra ballet flats, graffiti leggings, plaid shorts, boyfriend chinos, star scarf, etc. I’ve always been a pretty fashionable kid and I paid close attention and detail to clothing trends and runway shows and all that. No doubt I thought these clothing pieces were the height of my fashion aesthetic at the time. On the side of the page, I wrote “in for fall” and made a list of fashion trends I’d probably seen in magazines or online. Below it there was an “in for me” list which was all of the things I was wearing at the time.
I couldn’t help but laugh because it’s still so relevant to myself ten years later; you can tell from all of my 2017 mirror pics that I’m usually dressing to what’s “in for me.”

Another resolution of mine is to stop caring so much what other people want/think/tell me to do. Sometimes I hold back with my clothing or feel uncomfortable because I feel like people are staring at me or judging what I wear. I get upset when my friends tell me clothing I like is ugly. I’ve decided this year I’ll keep dressing for what’s “in for me,” not what’s “in” for everyone else.
I originally felt hesitant to post all of these mirror selfies because they’re truly a raw look into my life and a really unpolished glimpse at how I look all the time. I thought about people judging me for it and how that would make me feel so upset if people hated it because that would mean they hate what’s essentially me– how I look and express myself and live my life.
But then I remembered, I don’t really need to care what people think of me.

Take these mirror pics as you’d like to. Outfit inspiration, a story of my life, a diary. Here’s a glimpse into my life in 2017, unedited, without the fancy camera. Enjoy!

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meet me in miami

Hi everyone! FINALLY I am getting around to posting all of my photos from my trip to Florida in January. As one does on a vacation, I took way too many photos and therefore it took me a really long time to sort through all of them, edit them, and get them organized so that I could put this post together. I’m really happy with how a lot of these photos turned out, and I think this is probably the most colorful and happy (and probably longest) blog post I’ll ever put up. Hope you enjoy!

january 11, 6:30 am. warwick, ny.
I was lucky enough that my best friend Ariel invited me on this trip and that her grandparents let us stay with them for the time we were there. Even though it was a short 3 day trip, it was super fun and unforgettable. I drove to Ariel’s hometown the day before our trip (and we went on a super cool hike, but that will be a whole other blog post).  Her mom dropped us off at the airport in New Jersey and we were off, and luckily we caught a nice sunrise on the way.ppetmpdup

8:00 am. newark liberty international airport, new jersey.
We had to wake up super early to catch our plane, but we didn’t mind so much to be going from the frosty 30 degree mountain winds to warm and sunny 80 degree Florida. This was a super fun experience for me because it was my first plane ride. I loved going on the plane and I can’t wait to travel by air some more as soon as possible!

3:30 pm. hollywood beach, florida
Obviously there’s a little break in time here where I didn’t take any photos that involved us flying, frantically catching multiple ubers, and eventually finding our way to the beach. We decided to rent some cute bikes and ride up and down the boardwalk to the various shops and restaurants. You can tell from these photos that it was super windy and wearing skirts to go bike riding probably wasn’t our best idea. ppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdup

january 12th. 12 pm. fort lauderdale, florida
The next day, we decided to make ourselves breakfast then head off to Miami for the beach.


3 pm. south beach, florida
One of the fun little stops we made was this super cute smoothie/ acai bowl cafe in Miami called Under the Mango Tree. The smoothie bowls were delicious and very photogenic.ppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupAfter that, we hit the beach for some sun. ppetmpdupppetmpdup


5:30 pm. miami, florida.
We wanted to take a walk around South Beach and check out some more shops and restaurants. We accidentally ended up spending way too much money on a fancy drink at The Sugar Factory.ppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdup

january 13th. 11:30 am. fort lauderdale, florida.
This day, we took a really cool boat tour around the Fort Lauderdale waterfront. There’s tons of beautiful houses around there, so it was cool to see.ppetmpdupppetmpdup3:00 pm. coconut creek, florida.
I think this was my favorite part of the entire trip, or at least the part that I found most photo-worthy, as you can see. We went to Butterfly World, which is this beautiful enclosed garden full of amazing butterflies. It’s like a little fantasy world, and it was just a wonderful and fun experience. I’ve always loved butterflies, so second grade me was dying a little inside. Also, I hadn’t seen pretty flowers like this in months, so it was nice in comparison to the frigid New York setting I’d gotten used to. 6243751952_IMG_0964ppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdup6243751952_IMG_0939The garden had a beautiful little waterfall and stone bridge with water spraying from it, which looked absolutely amazing in the sunlight.ppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdup6243751952_IMG_09846174565056_IMG_09886243751952_IMG_0962Outside of the garden was this really beautiful pool with fountains and a suspension bridge over it.ppetmpdupppetmpdupThese parrots were really chill.ppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdupAriel also got to feed some cute tropical birds.ppetmpdupppetmpdupppetmpdup

february 9. 7:15 pm. loudonville, ny.

Ironically, I got to finally finish this blog post because we had a snow day and classes were cancelled. I’m snuggled up in bed avoiding the frigid winter winds and three feet of snow outside that all of New York is currently covered with. And avoiding the essays I should be writing. And wishing I could be back at the beach in 80 degree sunshine.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it was really fun for me to make and look at all of the photos I took while I was there! I hope you liked how I put it together, I was trying out a different kind of writing style too!
More posts (especially fashion ones) coming soon!



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the tang

Hi everyone! FINALLY I am going to be back doing regular blog posts again!!! For today’s post, I’ll be going back in time a couple of weeks to a rainy day I spent with my friend Erin at the Tang Museum in Saratoga. I have a lot of photos I took over winter break that will be perfect for many upcoming blog posts, so it’s just a matter of organizing, editing, and compiling them into the posts. Now that I am back at school, I feel a lot more inspired to get working on my blog. Which doesn’t seem to make much sense because now I have other homework assignments to do on top of it, but time crunches work for me so I’m just gonna go with it.

I’m super excited because these are really the first photos from my brand new camera (Canon Rebel T6) that I will be posting on my blog. Mind you, these are not amazing because I still have a lot to learn about photography and editing. I am currently taking a Digital Photography class so I will be learning a lot more about photography from that class and also just from practice, so I think it will be cool to see how my photos/blog posts improve over time.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

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Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

If you live in the Albany/Saratoga area, I highly recommend checking out The Tang. It’s a pretty small museum located at Skidmore College, but it’s always a fun quick trip for a cold rainy day (plus it’s free). Erin and I really wanted to check out this new exhibit, which features this really awesome chalkboard-wall piece called Drawing Memory by artist Victor Ekpuk. A bunch of the walls inside the exhibit were painted with black chalkboard paint, and then the artist drew all these complex designs all along them in chalk.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset5FA202EB-581A-45EC-801B-7E182658F49B

This exhibit is called Sixfold Symmetry: Pattern in Art and Science, so all of the pieces are inspired by scientific, mathematic, and technological principals. With my own background in studying Biochemistry (and just my overall fascination with science), I found this exhibit to be extremely interesting because I personally also like to integrate scientific ideas and principals into my own creative writing and art. Seeing these connections throughout all of these pieces made the experience of the exhibit really intriguing, and I think a lot of people would enjoy the exhibit whether they are more artistically or scientifically minded, because it’s a good mix of both.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

(this one was my favorite, I love how the light play worked with the mirrors/metallic surface and how new designs are made from the reflections and shadows of the piece. so cool)

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

I think my favorite part about the exhibit is kind of the “perfection” of it. If you’re the type of perfectionist who likes to always have things symmetrically organized into patterns, measured out perfectly, and balanced, then I imagine you would appreciate this type of art. A lot of people probably look at patterns in art and think of them as basic or boring, but there is a lot more that goes into a pattern or perfectly symmetrical design than you would probably think. The complexity yet perfection of such designs and art pieces is very intriguing to me. I find it to be extremely calming and satisfying to look at this type of art, and psychologically it’s kind of nice to have a sense of order inside this isolated space among a world of chaos.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Processed with VSCO with j4 preset

Also, if you do go check out The Tang, I highly recommend going in the elevator (sorry I don’t have any good pictures of it). The building is only 2 stories high so it may seem really unnecessary, but there’s funky music and bean bags in there so you might even end up going up and down a couple extra times just for fun like we did.

Also s/o to Erin for the fun day and also for taking some of these fabulous photos for me… you know we really worked the aesthetic. If anyone is curious what I am wearing:

black turtleneck: idk
(fake) leather jacket: Forever 21
grey bodycon tank dress: Forever 21
fishnets: Forever 21
over the knee socks: Forever 21
shoes: Payless
(wow I honestly didn’t mean to wear that much Forever 21, # not sponsored but like if you wanna sponsor me I’d be down)

Song of the day: Verona by Geographer
I decided I want to add in a “song of the day” that I think is appropriate to go along with the blog post for whatever reason, because I love music and integrating it into all parts of my life, and also being able to share my favorite music with others. For today’s post I thought of this song mostly because the album cover is all geometric and symmetrical looking so it made me think of the art at The Tang, and the sound just kind of reminds me of technological, science-y kind of things. And it’s also just one of my faves.

I can’t wait to get some more blog posts up very soon! I will probably keep working on them today before I start really getting bombarded with the school work. I hope everyone else who is going back to school this week has a great syllabus week too!



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s i x t e e n


Um, first of all… sorry I haven’t posted in over a month. I really lost track of time ever since going back to school from Thanksgiving break. Anyone who’s in college understands, the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas is just absolute grind time. So, I found my time/energy/creativity completely devoted to wrapping up my classes and finals. Then once I got back home I really didn’t feel like staring at a computer screen for a couple weeks, so I just took a break from the blog thing. No worries, I’ll start to post more regularly again now!

(sorry this post is a lot of text and no pictures, I have a lot of recent pictures from this year but not ones from the beginning of 2016 since my phone broke so I figured I just wouldn’t really put pictures at all)

I wanted to write a little something to wrap up my year of 2016. I feel like the general consensus for this year is that it sucked and everyone wants it to end ASAP. I can’t say I agree. I think 2016 has been one of the best years of my life for many reasons, but it’s also definitely time for me to move along to 2017 too. I don’t really believe in resolutions or “new year, new me” but if the new year is an excuse for me to leave some things behind in 2016 I think I’ll take advantage of it.

I honestly don’t think I’m ever going to forget this year. I’ve changed so much more as a person than I ever thought I could in such a short period of time. I honestly feel like I’ve accomplished so much and I’ve done a complete 360 (for the better) within this past year. When I think back on the year, for some reason I always think to a tarot card reading that I received during the summer. I went to get this reading right in the middle of everything changing around for me, and it really reassured me that I was moving in the right direction for my life. This was a 3 card reading, so she split it into past, present, and future. Looking back on it, I see these as representing the beginning, middle, and end of 2016.

The picture above are the three cards that I pulled- III of cups, the world, and judgement. The tarot card reader (her name is Ashley, she’s the best) first told me that the world- the “present” where I was at the time of the reading- is practically the best card you can get. She said it meant that I felt whole, like everything had finally come together, and I finally felt complete and fulfilled, at the peak of happiness and it was just like everything was going right in my life. I agreed completely. I hadn’t really ever been so happy before, and everything was going so great for me that summer. Everything was right, the world was mine.

She then said that the III of cups card- my past- symbolized that there were things holding me back in the past. I was stuck or held behind by people, places, and ideas that weren’t truly inspiring me. The three birds represented those things that were stopping me from reaching my full potential (the world). I look at this card as the beginning of 2016. I felt held back by a lot of old people, old ideas, old places for a long time. I had been dealing with anxiety and stress that made me physically ill, and some of the things I was doing with my life and people I was with at the time weren’t making those things any better. I started out the year as a Biochemistry major, thinking I wanted to transfer to pharmacy school. I didn’t feel like I fit in at Siena but I didn’t know if I would fit in at pharmacy school either. I was sad, uninspired, feeling lonely and stressed out all the time. I didn’t feel like I was going in the right direction with my life. I was consumed by my workload at school, and I didn’t even like it much. I was chasing dreams that weren’t mine, trying to convince myself to be a person I wasn’t. There was no balance in my life, no room for fun or creativity that I was in desperate need of.

It wasn’t until the end of my freshman year (around April 2016) that all this started changing for me. I started meeting some new people and forming new relationships with wonderful friends and I finally started feeling like I was fitting in. The friends I made around this time remain my best friends at school right now, and I love them so much. I finally have a group of people that I feel that I belong with and that really care about me and they want the best for me, and I can’t say I’ve always had friends like that, so I’m forever grateful for them. I decided at this point to forget pharmacy school and stay at Siena, which is a decision I am so thankful for.

As a result of meeting new people, I ended up finally cutting a lot of relationships that hadn’t been good for me for a while. It’s not easy to do this, but I really feel like it was what I had to do to get rid of so many negative aspects of my life. Those birds on the tarot card, that were holding me back, I had to let go. Ashley  told me that is what the “future” card, judgment, symbolized. I was that white bird, flying above all of the others at the bottom of the card that had been holding me back. I didn’t have any guilt in cutting some people out of my life and starting fresh with new things, it just felt right. The new people I was meeting were encouraging me to change my life around for the better.

As summer began, I became more adventurous. I discovered my love for mountains and waterfalls and road trips (Bash Bish s/o to you). I decided to finally switch my major over to English (and got a lot of “I told you so’s” from basically everyone about it). I started making more art. I started loving good music again. I decided to become more dedicated to the club that I am part of at Siena, Her Campus. I started to pursue my love of fashion and art again.
I fell in love with a person, like, really hard. I thought I knew what love was before that, but I quickly realized I really didn’t. This was new, and that’s exciting and scary all at once. I then learned that same love can hurt, A LOT, when things don’t work out in your favor– that came a little later though.

It all happened so quickly, but I had learned so much in a few months. My anxiety was thousands times better. I wasn’t nearly so stressed anymore. I didn’t feel sick every single time I ate anymore. My skin started clearing up after a many-year battle with acne. I was finally bettering myself in almost every way possible, I was happy, and I felt like I was finally being the best me. The world was in my hands for once in my life.

Now the part of 2016 that I’m currently wrapping up- the “future” card in my tarot reading- is the part that’s the most bittersweet. I’ve had to come to terms that even though I don’t feel quite as happy and complete as I did this summer, things are still going in the right direction for me. Maybe I’m not feeling like “the world” anymore, but that doesn’t mean things are going down from there. I’ve faced a lot of ups and downs in the past months and things that I needed to overcome and learn from. I learned that some people and things had come into my life and then they needed to leave too, and that’s hard if they made you happy at one point and you don’t want to let that go. I still have a lot more “letting go” to do in my life, which is really hard sometimes. But I’ve started to really believe that everything happens for a reason, you meet everyone for a reason, and sometimes that reason is to help you realize things about yourself that you wouldn’t have otherwise. And for that I am grateful for every person and place I encounter along the way.

In the past couple months, I realized that switching to an English major with a Writing and Communications minor was the best decision I could have ever made. I went back to Siena this semester as a whole new person, in a good way. I closed up the semester with a 4.0 GPA, which I’m so proud of. I started this blog, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for YEARS, and I’m happy with where it’s headed. I’ve become closer to some wonderful friends who I love so dearly and I am so, so grateful to have in my life. I’ve finally learned to have some fun at college with my friends. I got a position I had been dreaming of, Campus Correspondent (kind of like co-president) of Her Campus, and I can’t wait to take that on next year. I’ve become a lot more interested in photography, and I just got a new camera so I’m really excited to learn more about that. I’ve been reading and writing and thinking creatively a lot more.

Most of all, I’ve learned what things are worth keeping in my life and putting effort into and what things aren’t. I realized that I can make my life what I want it to be, I can go wherever I want, be whoever I want, spend my time with whoever I want, and if something isn’t inspiring me, I can just let it go.

thank you 2016 for being pretty cool and especially wild. 2017, please be even cooler and wilder.

(if you actually read this whole thing, PLEASE tell me because you’re the best person ever, and thanks for caring.)

happy new year!



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Happy thanksgiving eve everyone! Finally everyone is getting back home from college, so this morning I met up with my girl Molly for a lil coffee date. Catching up with friends for the holidays is my favorite thing about going home! Not to be cheesy, but I truly am so thankful for spending time with my amazing friends.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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I was recommended this coffee bar in Troy called Superior Merchandise Company, so we went to go check it out. I loved the style of the place, and I wish I could’ve gotten more pictures of the shop because it’s totally my style. The front has a shop area with all different kinds of little gifts and home decor items. And the coffee/food was delicious– we both tried out the smoked maple pecan latte and pumpkin butter toast for a little friendsgiving feast.

Processed with VSCO with j4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Processed with VSCO with j4 preset

Also I thought I’d throw in my outfit (really my face) details because I was loving my edgy winter look today. Of course it’s one of those days where I wish I took a full outfit picture but didn’t 🙁

Not pictured: I was wearing my plain black turtleneck, long puffy black winter coat, ripped jeans with fishnets underneath, and chelsea boots. My beanie is from Target (pro tip I got it from the men’s section so it only cost $5 as opposed to the same thing that cost $20 in the women’s section), my sunglasses are from a boutique in Troy called Copper Fox (probably will have a blog post coming up soon about this place because I love it), and my lipstick is Revlon Ultra HD Liquid Matte in “Infatuation.”

Processed with VSCO with j4 preset

Happy thanksgiving everyone!



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